Meet Paula

Meet the newest member of our team – Paula, who is from Halle, Germany.

She and two other folks in their late teens (one from Japan, another from Germany) are in Jackson MS, living in community and providing a year of service as part of Mennonite Mission Network’s Service Adventure program.

Paula is with us half-days (which, given the heat, is about all we can do right now, anyway!) and her stipend is covered by a small grant connected to her program.

She is a quick learner, and in the two weeks she has been with us already made a remarkable improvement to our workflow.

Welcome aboard, Paula!

Paula is planting bush beans in a clear spot among the okra¬† in Hannah’s Garden, our demonstration plot. We have just enough time to catch a crop or two of beans before fall frosts hit.

Author: Hugh Hollowell Jr

Hugh is the Director of Jackson City Farm. He and his wife live in the Broadmeadow neighborhood of North Jackson, where they co-parent three spoiled cats.

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