Hannah’s Garden

This is the garden in its heyday, before the weeds and years of neglect took it over.

If you want to help people to gain control of their food supply, you have to teach people how to grow their own food. Knowing how to grow your own food gives you choices about what you eat and serve your family, it saves you money, and it allows you to have some degree of separation from the corporate food system.

With all that in mind, Jackson City Farm has started a demonstration garden, where we can show what home-scale fruit and vegetable production looks like in our context. Eventually, it will be the site of classes and community meals as well.

The site is on Union St, near downtown, and is the site of a garden once ran by a suburban church, but that was abandoned when the local elementary school closed down. We acquired it in the spring of 2019 and have slowly been clearing out the weeds that have taken over in the years since. It is going to be a long process, but worth it in the end.

The garden is named for Hannah Hochstetler. She and her husband Caleb were serving with Mennonite Mission Network in Jackson MS when she died in a tragic auto accident in January of 2017. The garden is supported in partnership with Open Door Mennonite Church, where Hannah was serving when she died, and who asked that we name this site in Hannah’s honor.

We have created a journal of sorts that will be updated often for people who want to know more of the gritty details (what got planted today? How do the blackberries look?) and you can see that here.

Author: Hugh Hollowell Jr

Hugh is the Director of Jackson City Farm. He and his wife live in the Broadmeadow neighborhood of North Jackson, where they co-parent three spoiled cats.

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