First fruits

I know they don’t look like much, but today my new buddy J (aged 6) and I sat on her front porch and shared these, popping them in our mouths like candy while I talked to her momma about what we are trying to do at Hannah’s Garden, our demonstration plot.

Today, on the 11th of June, we distributed our first food grown in our own soil, to a family in the neighborhood where we grew it.

There was a bit more than this – a couple of dozen cherry tomatoes, some banana peppers, and a few cayennes. It wasn’t a lot, but it showed we can do it. And hell, we are just getting started.

J wants to know if we are going to grow any watermelons and plums because those are her favorite. I told her they were mine, too, and that I would if she would help me.

She said it was a deal.

Author: Hugh Hollowell Jr

Hugh is the Director of Jackson City Farm. He and his wife live in the Broadmeadow neighborhood of North Jackson, where they co-parent three spoiled cats.

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