Our sites

We are a multi-site farm, located in various places in Jackson, MS. As we bring sites online, we will link to them here.

Hannah’s Garden

The site is on Union St, near downtown, and is the site of a garden once ran by a suburban church, but that was abandoned when the local elementary school closed down. We acquired it in the spring of 2019 and have slowly been clearing out the weeds that have taken over in the years since. It is going to be a long process, but worth it in the end.

The garden is named for Hannah Hochstetler. She and her husband Caleb were serving with Mennonite Mission Network in Jackson MS when she died in a tragic auto accident in January of 2017.

Hannah’s Garden is our demonstration garden, where we demonstrate how to grow most kitchen garden fruits and vegetables, home-scale fruit production, and composting. It is supported in partnership with Open Door Mennonite Church, who asked that we name this site in Hannah’s honor.

Our online garden journal for this site is located here.

Site #2

The creatively named Site #2 is approximately 1.1 acres located on Morson Rd in West Jackson, near the MetroMall. It is currently under construction but is an old homesite that will be a permaculture-based fruit and vegetable production site.